This so perfectly describes how I feel about Mark’s death…

Life Behind My Neon Picket Fence

The following is written by a father who lost his son, but it may as well be written by me or anyone else who has ever lost a child:

You say it’s time for me to “move on” in my grief. Perhaps you’re right or perhaps you just don’t realize what you’re asking. So, why don’t you try this little exercise and maybe it will help you get a better perspective on what I am going through. To make this really hit home for you it should be practiced for at least 24 hours. The longer the better; but, we do not have that long, so we will do it for 10 minutes. Don’t blow this off as a stupid idea. It works along the same lines as blindfolding yourself to experience being without sight.
First of all, think about your child.
I want you to try to imagine the…

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