First Time for Everything…

Today was the first time I went out without a specific errand to go to.  I didn’t have to be somewhere, I didn’t have to do anything, I just went for a drive with a friend.

He was picking up his brother’s motorcycle (brother had been in an accident at the beginning of last week) and asked me to go along for the ride.

I got there and there’s this Vulcan Classic

This is not the specific bike – the one we picked up was blue and somewhat beat up… but in very good shape considering what happened to it.

And my first thought was “Oh I have to get a picture for Mark – he’d LOVE this bike”  and then… dull, thudding pain.

My throat closed up, tears threatened, but gratefully, I was distracted by the mosquitoes.

Tonight, I get to sit, hoping that it will release… Realizing that I will never be able to share things like that with him again.

It was a pretty bike.  He would have loved it.  We were supposed to buy bikes this summer or next and go on a road trip with the boys…

I miss him so much 😦


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