He’s Home…


All I can do is cry.

There was a small amount of ashes set aside for the keepsake jewellry, and Luke has his keepsake urn, and Kyle has his ring… and he’s at home.

The urn didn’t fit where I wanted to put it… I had to rework the shelf and what was where… but he’s home… beside my dad, and his mom’s bells, and our anniversary flowers and a picture of our family.

It breaks my heart to know that this is it. Aside from the Celebration of Life,  there’s nothing left to do but file his taxes and take his name off the bank account.

I have to learn to live as a widow… as a single parent…

I miss him.  I miss him so much my heart hurts.


3 thoughts on “He’s Home…

  1. aafteota says:

    Hugs. I’m so sorry for your pain. Let the tears fall my friend. Just let them all fall.

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