About A Nurse…

One thing I’ve learned, having gone through 22 1/2 weeks of ICU, is that nurses who work in ICU are the same as people everywhere.

There are good nurses.

There are bad nurses.

There are indifferent nurses.

Then there are the great nurses.  The ones who touch your heart, make the ICU a place that is bearable, who treat you like a person, not just a “patient” or a “patient’s family” regardless of how much or little they see you.

Those are the nurses who are truly amazing.

The ones like Margaret, who knew how important it was to keep me updated and up to date on all the info she had.

The ones like Ellen, who I never actually got to have as our nurse although she took care of my husband overnight several times – she took the time to say hi, check in and see how I was doing on her day shifts.

The ones like Patricia, who when he was going for an angio/stent procedure, popped out every few minutes to update me as to how the procedure was going.

The ones like Robert, whom I was blessed to have as my husband’s nurse for 11 days, plus the final night. (and I don’t know how many night shifts that I wasn’t there).  He just made the whole experience so amazing.

The ones like Patricia (different nurse) who was there for us when Mark made his decision.  And was our nurse when machines were shut off.  And was there for us through out the entire day.

And other support staff like Tracey – the PAC.  She was there all the time, it seemed.  She would always stop in and say hi to me, to the kids, and generally make the place a brighter one with her smile and attitude.  I still need to teach her how to crochet.

No one should have to spend 22 1/2 weeks in ICU.  But it’s because of nurses like the above, that it was a place that was bearable, almost enjoyable.

When he died, I lost not only my husband, my partner, my best friend, not only the father of my children, but I lost a world that I had been a part of for almost 6 months.  I lost people who were a part of my daily life.

I’ve kept in touch with some of them.   Some of them are such amazing people, that I want to stay in touch and be a part of their lives and have them be a part of mine.   They’re just that awesome.   I miss them, chatting with them, seeing how their lives are going.

So to Robert and Patricia and Ellen and Tracey… thank you.


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