Bereavement Counsellor

Get a bereavement counsellor they say.

Get grief counselling they say.

Ok.  Finally did it.  Finally made the call to a counsellor who is trained in helping me process the emotions that I’m going through.  Finally got myself in a place where I needed help with the feelings.

Made an appointment.

In order to access the bereavement counsellor in this area, I have to call a larger centre, which then calls her and then she calls me back.   So I called.

She called me back. (This was on Wednesday)

She said, “Can you come see me tomorrow?’

I said yes.

That was yesterday.

Today at 1pm, I show up for my appointment.  I wait.  I wait. I try the door.  I wait some more.  Finally 10 mins past my appointment time, I go home.

I was stood up by the bereavement counsellor.

I got back home… called the office, left a message.   She just called back.  She only comes up on Fridays and thought yesterday was Thursday.

So I have an appointment tomorrow at 1pm.  Friday.



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