My Kids Rock

My kids are handling this so much better than I am.  They seem to be bouncing back, coping, living life well.

Today, I’m snuggled up to my youngest, and as I try to do regularly, I asked him about his Dad, and does he get sad and miss him, and does he cry about Daddy…

His response surprised me.

He said that yes he gets sad.  Yes he misses Daddy.  But instead of being sad all the time, the memories make him happy.

Which led to a conversation about what his favourite memory of his Dad was… “The first time he took us fishing”

My kids have a good handle on this grief thing…. Think about him, be sad,  then focus on the memories to make you happy.

Tonight we went swimming.   The boys had a super fun time… I was sad because he wasn’t here.

I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the memories.


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