Salmon Season

It’s almost salmon season.

One of my facebook friends posted today about getting his priorities spooled up and cleaned… it’s salmon season.

And my heart dropped.

The stupid things that hurt.  And today hurts more than it has in a while – I’m not sure why – but I’m just… sad.  Teary. Weepy.

He’s never going to fish again.  He’s never going to teach his boys to fish.  He’s never going to pass on his knowledge of tying flies.  He’s never going to passionately talk about the fisheries and the scientists and the damage being done by salmon farms…. never again.

I don’t know how to pass that on to the boys.  I don’t know how to bring that knowledge and passion to life for them.  I don’t know how to be that for them.  How can I help them when I feel so broken myself?


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