Evenings Suck

Specifically from 2pm on.  It sucks.  I am tired, overwhelmed, emotionally drained or on the verge of crying.

I still do stuff, but I have so much trouble getting myself going.

Mornings?  Usually pretty good. I am productive.  I am energetic.  I get things done.

Come afternoon? The pain, the stress of whatever I had done that morning, any emotions I hadn’t had time to process… it all overwhelms me.

I want to hide.

I want to go bury myself in my bedroom and cry.

I want to avoid life.

I have derby tonight. I don’t want to go.  I”m going to force myself to, but I don’t want to.

I need a good cry.  I need to release some emotions.

I had to go into the craft room… I needed to find a card from him for my tattoo consult tomorrow.  I wanted to vomit after I came out of there… it hurt so much to go through that stuff 😦

In the process, I found the creation I had done to find my perfect man… he’s fit it so well.  It made my heart hurt so much 😦


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