I Dreamed About Him Last Night

I hadn’t dreamed about him at all since he passed.   It was disturbing me slightly, but I figured since it took 5 years for Steve to come to me in a dream, it would happen eventually.

The dream was short… and I didn’t get to hear his voice…  but I talked to him… and cried…. and touched him….

He looked so healthy.  He looked so good.  He looked like he was pain free.  He looked like he did before he went into the hospital.

It was both comforting and upsetting to dream about him.   More comforting than upsetting… I miss him, and to know he’s still around me…  it makes me feel better, more at peace.


It’s hard to believe he’s gone.  It’s so freaking UNREAL… and accepting that is the hardest part of all this.

But last night… I got to touch him again.


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