Yesterday’s Blog

When I wrote yesterday’s blog about 2 things you shouldn’t say… it was out of frustration, out of confusion and to gauge other people’s reactions (was I overreacting?)

Apparently I was not overreacting.  Apparently I was spot on in my reaction of anger and hurt and how fucking inappropriate!

I am still trying my best to just let it go, let it be and pretend it didn’t happen.

Why? You might ask.  WHY would I not punch him out, kick him out and refuse to associate with him?

Because he’s my friend’s brother.

Because he has issues.

Because, when it comes down to it, he’s essentially a big dumb puppy dog who’s just destroyed the house and doesn’t know what he did was wrong or why.

Aside from the comments he made… he’s basically engaging and good company.  I enjoyed spending time with him.  I enjoyed spending time with him (mostly) when he came over the next day to borrow my computer to do up his resume.

He’s just clueless.  He noticed me sniffling (I had been leaking most of the day and my nose was stuffed from continuous crying) and asked if I had a cold.  Or allergies.

I don’t think he gets it.  I think that despite the really really horrible thing he said… he just doesn’t get that what he said was wrong or why it was.   There was no malice in him when he said it.

The next time, if there is one, I’ll know that it’s not an overreaction.  I’ll know that my filter doesn’t need to stay on.

And I’ll kindly, with loving intent, tell him to go fuck himself.


One thought on “Yesterday’s Blog

  1. Kathy Dunlop says:

    And I will be there backing u up!!!
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