Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yeah, yeah… I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving… but I always celebrate it on the Sunday.

Today, I am thankful for…

The 14 1/2 years I got to spend with an amazing man.

The two beautiful boys born of our love.

The man who adopted my older children and raised him as his own.

Friends and family who have been with me and supported me through his illness and passing.

His sister and brother and cousin, who I get to call my family.

His love.

This song by Celine Dion has been a favourite of mine since the movie  “Up Close and Personal” came out in 1996 – a year before I met him.   This song exactly describes how I feel about him.

“I was blessed because I was loved by you”
“My world is a better place because of you”

It is my hope, on this Thanksgiving of 2012, that everyone find a love like Mark and I shared.

I am grateful for having known him, for having loved him, for having been loved by him.

Happy Thanksgiving my love…


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