Another Good Day

Today has been the *best* day I’ve had since January 19.

Someone pointed out that I have had several good days… and all have had one thing in common.


All of my good days this week, especially today, have included skating.

My days on skates, even the ones where I’ve fallen and hurt myself, have been good ones.

Yesterday, I didn’t skate.  By the evening, my anxieties were up, and my grief was in full force.

Today, it was girls day out, and ended with skating.  I’ve had a freaking awesome day.

I miss him.  I miss him so much it hurts to breathe.  But the good days this week have been awesome.

Someone told me her sister-in-law walked her way through her grief.  I can see me skating through my grief.  Pushing myself to better my skills… skating more and more… and I feel good.

He’s never coming back.  I know that.   But I’m starting to see a life beyond the grief.


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