Speaking of Dreams

I’m not going to tell the story of how Mark & I got together in this post – but we met because I worked for him at a video store chain.

I was with a guy I’d been with for a couple of years – the relationship was unstable and I knew it was coming to an end.

We lived on 10 acres of forest with no running water, no electricity and certainly no indoor plumbing.    Once you got up, you got up.

I remember that morning fairly clearly – it was about 3 or 4 months before Mark and I actually got together.   It was summer time – and I was working an afternoon shift that day.

The guy I was with got out of bed, which sorta woke me up but not really.  I then moved into dreaming.  But my dream was about an empty bed, and wondering where he went.

Only the “he” in my dream was Mark.  I woke feeling this incredible sense of loss and wondering why he’d left without telling me.

And then reality hit – and I realized I was still with this other guy.

Within a month or so – the other guy and I broke up – I found my own place and moved back into civilization.

But that day, I stopped into the store, and jokingly said to Mark: “You’re in so much of my waking hours, stay out of my dreams!!!” and then proceeded to tell him that I’d dreamt about him.

We laughed, his partner at the time was *not* amused, and we carried on our day.

About 3 or 4 months later… Mark and I got together… and stayed together until the day he died.

I had forgotten about that dream.  But my belief is that dreams tell you something.  They’re not just random neurons firing – they’re little windows into the parts of your consciousness that you hide from.

I knew then that I loved him and that we should be together – but blew it off as a joke.

I think I’ll keep a journal beside my bed and write down my dreams as I remember them… see what my subconscious is trying to tell me.



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