Damn Doctor

“How’s the new prescription working?”

“I’m crying more often.”

“Good.  It means you’re in touch with your emotions and not disassociating as much.  Let’s increase the dose and see if it works better.”

Yeah.   Because I want to cry more.

I get it.   I need to feel the feelings.   Feeling them more often is good.  Being in touch with them is good.

I just don’t like crying.   I don’t look good when I cry.

So this feeling thing.  Happens a LOT.   And I really don’t like it.

Apparently it’s good for me.

Damn doctor.


One thought on “Damn Doctor

  1. Alessandra says:

    I suppressed my tears for years… trying to be tough. My mother passed when I was 12. I find myself crying more and more as the years pass, I thought it got easier… But as I have my own family, I realize how much I need her and miss her…and how normale crying is! Embrace your tears they make you strong!

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