Changing Wills

Once upon a time, Mark and I made a smart decision.  We created wills that outlined executors & guardianship of our children and it made my life SO much easier this summer.

Our wills basically said the same things:

Spouse inherits everything.
Spouse gets custody of children.
Spouse is the executor(ix).

Simple and easy and (in our minds) a bit of a waste of money since we were going to have a 50th and at that point in our lives… we didn’t think any of that would be applicable.

We were wrong.

So now I have to change my will, because my life has changed.

The plan was that grandparents would get custody of the children should both of us die and other grandparents would be the trustee of any monies.

Now, with grandparents ageing, and their lives having taken them to various parts of the country and travelling, things need to change.

I’ve asked Mark’s brother to be the boys’ guardian should I die.   I will ask someone else to be the executor(ix) but I haven’t had a chance yet so I’m not going to name that person :p

Once I have everything in place – I’ll go out and update my will.  The idea of my passing is something I *don’t* want to face, but without doing these things – my children will end up in places I don’t want them, and life will be more difficult for them.

Everyone should have a will.  Even if it’s just to appoint someone to deal with the aftermath.

Do you have a will?


3 thoughts on “Changing Wills

  1. all that paperwork is so important and shouldn’t be put off.

  2. June says:

    Absolutely do it! I’m glad you and Mark had done your wills when you were both young and not being stressed about what would happen if! It is so very important. We don’t know from one day to the next what could happen. Always good to be prepared.

  3. widowwisdom says:

    I have both a living trust and will. We didn’t have one set up when I lost my husband so I did have to do probate and challenge an insurance company but won both. But super important. My friends in the last few years have requested to be a guardian for my kiddo. They know the ins and outs better than my sister and its tempting but nothing I’ve officially done. So although never a conversation anyone likes its super important.

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