Holding Hands

For almost 14 years, Mark and I slept together, backs facing each other.    We both needed to be on the outside of the bed, and he had a preference for which side he slept on.

Whenever we woke up, I would roll over and reach for his hand… and we’d hold hands until we either needed to roll back to our sides or until we got up.

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I said my usual “Good night, my Love, I miss you”  and added to it “please come visit me in my dreams…”

I don’t remember my dreams from last night, but I do remember waking up this morning.  In the haze of “not-quite-awake” I reached over to hold his hand.  And I held his hand for about 30 seconds before I remembered he wasn’t really there.

It was a REALLY peaceful way to wake up this morning.   I suppose it was his way of giving me some measure of peace before I got up to the chaos and screaming and yelling and fighting that my kids were doing.

I loved holding his hand.


I tried to find a picture of us holding hands – I know there’s one from our wedding of just our hands, but I don’t know where it is… so I pulled this one from this blog


4 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. i tell barb goodnight when i shut down the laptop as a photo of her is my screensaver. there are a lot of finger prints on the screen…

  2. Rose Chimera says:

    What a wonderful to start the day! I’m glad you got that moment. You know God gives us just the right thing sometimes that He knows what we need. Perhaps you just needed to hold Marks hand again to shore you up; maybe to corral those kids! lol

  3. Phil Renke says:

    Just so y’all know, that picture is a picture of my brother and his wife when they were on their honeymoon. Just an interesting though haha. They have this picture framed and hanging from a wall in their house as well.

    • sunnyjane says:

      That’s freaking AWESOME … I’d love to give the photographer credit – could you point him/her in my direction so I can give appropriate credit? It’s a beautiful picture 🙂

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