Interesting Shifts

What was important is not.

Who was important is not.

Things that were important are not.

Things that interested me have become dull.

My world has shifted on it’s axis, and I don’t know what’s solid any more.

My circle of friends has changed a few degrees.

Everything is different.

Everything is changed.

Everything is the same.

But there has been a shift in my life, in my world. in my thinking, in my perception.

Nothing is the same.

Everything is different.

I’m the only thing that’s changed.

Except you.  You’ve changed.  You changed my world once.

And then you changed it again.

When you shifted the world on it’s axis.




One thought on “Interesting Shifts

  1. widowwisdom says:

    Grief does not change you it reveals you. We show how strong we are in every moment, in every second and every step we take backwards and forwards. It’s all the same but different.

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