Twilight – Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

Are you a Twifan?   Love the Twilight series of movies?   Me too.

Edward & Bella


I’ve watched every movie in theatre.   Mark has come with me…. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 came out in theatres November 16.   The last few that came out, it has been Mark & Kathy & Angie & I.

The theatre shut down here in our town, and so going to see the final instalment of Twilight meant going out of town.   Angie’s schedule didn’t really work for Kathy’s schedule or my schedule, so she ended up going with her daughter and Kathy and I went tonight.

As a side note – a couple weeks ago, “George” and I went out for dinner and a movie, and I almost had him convinced to go to Twilight…. teasingly of course, I wanted to go see it with Kathy.

So tonight, we went to see it.   Awesome movie.   I really really REALLY enjoyed it.   I’ve read the book.  It was fairly true to the book … except one part… although I’m going to have to go back and re-read the book to see if my memory is faulty, because if not, that was an AMAZING addition to the movie.  It was freaking awesome.

(note no spoilers for those who haven’t seen it)

So we get to the end.   If you haven’t read the books, are not a fan of the movies… the important thing to remember here is that these are, at the core of it all, a love story.

And we get to the end…. and of course, it’s a love story.  That I was supposed to be watching with my husband.  My deceased husband.

Back to that side note?  I’m REALLY glad that “George” didn’t take me.

I started crying.  Just leaks, at first.  Then crying in earnest.   Then huge, gasping sobs.   In the theatre.   At the end of the movie.  Unable to move, wearing make up that is not waterproof.

Kathy went out to use the bathroom, and bring me back some sort of tissue.   I tried to clean myself up before leaving the theatre, but really just sat there for another 10 minutes crying…

Get to the bathroom… cry some more.

Stop by the bar/restaurant that is adjacent to the theatre, have a shot.   The hope was that it would calm the nerves.   It did not.  I could have driven home, I was so freaking sober.  *sigh*

Clean myself up enough to get outside.   We’re in Whistler, did I mention it’s below zero???  Frozen tears… at least for a short bit.

Get in the car… she’s driving because I’m crying too hard to see.

Gotta love a 45 minute drive where I’m alternating between crying, singing and laughing… and back to crying again.  I tried, oh so hard to get it under control…. it just *wouldn’t* happen.   The tears just kept flowing.

The movie was really really good… Just the combination of pure love.. and the loss of him….  was just too much.

I’m glad it was me and Kathy.   I don’t know how I’d have been able to handle it if Angie & her daughter had been there, or if I had been on a date.

I miss him.   If I thought that those feelings were starting to wane… they are oh so NOT…. and they will come back up and bitch slap me, whenever they feel I need to be reminded just how much.

Thank you, Kathy… for being my friend.  For being there for me.   I know you don’t always know what to do or what to say, but know that you do exactly what I need.   I love you ❤

December 2011 033


Oh BTW – we need better pictures of the two of us.   The only other ones I could find I was REALLY fat (Chief hikes LOL)


2 thoughts on “Twilight – Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

  1. schooner119 says:

    You must have really needed that release – I hate it when it’s in the wrong company – they can’t and don’t know why its happening!

    Shhh – it even happens to guys – but they would NEVER admit it and rarely is there the right setting.

    Frozen tears thankfully would be rare in the UK but it is still bitterly cold so anything is possible.

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