Skate It Out

I don’t know where I got this picture from – probably a facebook steal.

Skate it Out


I want to redo it – change one of them to “Heart broken”

I’m counting the minutes until derby.  I don’t want to go – I just want to bury myself in grief today.

I’m forcing myself to go though.  Just as I forced myself to eat something.  I’m forcing myself to participate in life.

I’m hoping that if I skate it out tonight, I’ll feel a little less like I’m drowning.

No one should have to go through this.  I get why some people die of a broken heart.


2 thoughts on “Skate It Out

  1. sunnyjane says:

    Reblogged this on Walking a Different Path.

  2. schooner119 says:

    For skate it out – you can – Run it out – Swim it – Bike it anything that gets your heart pumping.

    If it is competitive and you are passionate about it then the effects are greater. The myriad of physical and chemical processes that take place when you just get ready to do something are huge.

    Then when the main event takes place – in this case the skating. Wow afterwards if not during all the systems have to reset.

    I run with beginners a lot many don’t like the actual running but love the company and the after effects – glad they got out – ran better than they thought – chatted to someone different.

    Then on a different level the buzz after even a 20 minute 5k race. I have done it over 50 times each one is different. At times I nearly didn’t go – times I didn’t go and should.

    You can’t think quite the same way after Exercising It Out

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