The Year in Review

I had posted a while ago about what to say in the yearly newsletter I send out with Christmas cards… I was having a bad day and all I could think of to say was that he got sick, he died and our life sucks.

It doesn’t though.

Part of the Christmas stuff I do is send out calendars to family members.  Each month has a picture or 2 or 3 or 4 of our family relating to that month -whether it be birthday parties or family vacations or what have you.

This year, although Mark wasn’t in most of the pictures, we had a pretty good year.

I didn’t take a *lot* of pictures, but I took enough.  And I took enough that there will be a full calendar.

After all, we did some pretty cool stuff.    And I can create a lovely pictoral as well as narrative record of our year.

There’s not a lot… but enough.

This is one of my favourites – we’re waiting for the ferry to go to Victoria in September.



There’s good in everything.   Life doesn’t suck.  The fact that my husband died does.  Life will still go on, we’ll have fun adventures and we’ll make happy memories.     And I can write a newsletter of all the happy memories we had this year.


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