Mark’s Cooking

I loved his cooking.  He was an awesome cook.

When we first got together, I made him spaghetti & sauce for dinner.  I put a LOT of veggies in my spaghetti – my spaghetti sauce is chunky and health and yummy.

Well, he made a comment about it.

I sorta made up my mind at that point to *not* cook for him anymore…  and so he took over *most* of the cooking duties.

He developed a few dishes that I *loved* and would happily eat just about every day.   One we did eat regularly.

Breakfast was a time to use leftover potatoes and fry them up with veggies and eggs, with salsa over top.   One of my favourite meals.  He’d vary it with different spices, different cheeses, different veggies, sometimes adding leftover meat in there to make it just that much more yummy.

Today’s breakfast, cooked by me, was just that.  It was sooooooooo good.   I missed that dish.

On our anniversary, Valentine’s Day or my birthday, instead of dinners out, I would request that he cook for me, make something special and we eat by candle light.  Most of the time we skipped the candlelight, as it hurt his eyes, but he usually indulged me in cooking dinner for me.

One anniversary, he made steak sandwiches, which quickly became a favourite in our house.   Garlick bread, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese and beef rouladin and it was soooo good.   Tonight, I made that for dinner.

It’s been a wonderful day for cooking.  I quite enjoyed the meal – even though I made it with WAY too much butter (but it was oh so freaking good!!!) and I know that the boys enjoyed it as well.

I miss his cooking.   I’m not half the cook he was – when I decided to stop cooking 14 years ago – for the most part I only cooked a few signature dishes.   He was awesome about making something amazingly yummy out of what I would say was nothing.

It was nice to be connected to him that way today.  I’m sure he was guiding me – the closest I came to burning something was when I left the garlick bread in the oven just *slightly* too long.

But breakfast AND dinner turned out really well… and I have more confidence in how I cook and what I can cook.

I will, however, say that it was much nicer being served than having to do the serving.  😉

Potato Hash


One thought on “Mark’s Cooking

  1. cooking is a bit of a struggle. creating a new roadmap and the kitchen is still quite fuzzy. we shared the duty as we both could cook well. i’m a vegetarian and barb was an omnivore but we figured it out over our eighteen years. there was nothing like coming into the house and smelling something barb was baking.

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