I Want to Share This With You

It’s snowing outside.   Big, fat flakes of snow, that are sort of sticking and sort of not.

It’s warm inside, the Christmas tree is twinkling, the lights are glowing, and my favourite time of day during Christmas season is almost here… when it’s dark, we have the lights on and the TV off… and we are snuggled on the couch talking while drinking coffee or hot chocolate.

The curtains would be open, the street light illuminating the snowflakes as they float down from the sky.

I don’t like the snow.  I don’t like winter.  I don’t like being cold.

But I love those times with you… I love sitting in the semi-dark, Christmas lights being the only thing to see by with you.   We usually do this on Christmas Eve… after all the gifts are all put out and the boys are asleep… we just sit and enjoy the silence and the beauty…

This will be the first Christmas without you… without that tradition.   Your sister tells me we should pick on tradition that you loved and do that… how can I?   That’s the one we loved the most… 😦

I miss you so much…

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