Back to Work

I go back to work in 3 1/2 weeks.  January 8.

At that time, I will have been away from the office for almost exactly a year.   My last day at work was January 17, 2012.

I stopped in there the other day to drop off some paperwork that needed to be filed before I could come back.   It could have waited for me to come back, but I want to be able to just jump back into my job.

The office hasn’t changed.   The people are the same, the feel of the office is the same, the workload is still the same.

But I have.  My perception has.   It will almost be like going to a brand new job – except I know all the people, I know the job and I know what I’m doing… but everything is different.  I am different.

It was the first time since all this happened that I was able to recognize how much *I* have changed this past year.

I’m looking forward to being back at work.  It will, however, be another reminder of what I’m missing in my life.   A big part of my day at work was connection with my husband to keep him company at home.   It will be different.

This will really be a new normal for us.  My children will come home to an empty house, I will be home 2 1/2 hours after them, and dinner will be later than what we’re used to.   We’re going to have to get up earlier than we’re used to.  Our entire lives will change, once more.  We will be ok, in the end.

3 weeks and counting…



One thought on “Back to Work

  1. Every step takes getting used to…even if it’s a step into a familiar place. Because you are right, the office hasn’t changed, but you most definitely have. I have found that going to work helps my mind focus on other things, and there is comfort in the familiarity of my job. Though not always. And some days are harder than others…the drive home often a time of emotional release. But it’s a step, and that’s important. I wish you and your children well as you take another step….

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