The Things That Remind Me of You…

Sitting in the gym watching the Christmas concert… wishing you were there with me to see how awesome the boys did.

Sewing binding on a quilt.   The act of sewing a binding on quilt brings back memories of you.   The feeling of your presence.  I could almost feel you behind me, encouraging me, cheering me on to get it finished.

Funny how sewing brings you closest to me.  Before the last few years, when I didn’t have a craft room, I would sew at the kitchen table, you either at the computer or watching TV or tying flies.

It’s one of the wonderfully pleasant memories, it’s warm and comforting and a happy place for me.

I miss you.  Christmas is a hard time, but I’m going to make it a good one for the boys.

Right now they’re watching Jeff Dunham’s Christmas special – they told me that you introduced them to him.  We’re having a lot of fun with Jeff Dunham.

In 20 mins or so, I’ll put them to bed, and go back to my sewing, pulling your memory and your presence back to me.

It’s sad and happy at the same time.  I don’t like being alone… but I’m learning to find contentment with myself.

I miss you my Love…

Living In My Heart


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