Still Here…

The world didn’t end.  Meh.  I didn’t expect it to – but it was nice saying “hey, gonna put off that stuff until tomorrow because the world might end” and going to bed early.

Also, I slept in.

Best night EVER.  Except the dog.   I could have killed the dog.   At 2.55am, he decided to bark.  Not once or twice, but that continuous annoying bark that dogs do when they’re trying to get someone’s attention.

Dawg.  It’s 2.55am.  Shut up. Seriously.   Or your world WILL end.

3am I finally went out to tell him to shut up.   He did, and didn’t make another sound all night.   How do my kids sleep through that???

So today, I had to run around doing all the stuff I didn’t do last night.  Get ready for tonight.  Check gifts and see what needs to be bought still.  Clean the house.  All that good stuff.

Part of my errands today involved a Walmart run.   Ran into someone I haven’t talked to in a few years.  We’ve said hi, waved, all that good stuff, but we haven’t actually chatted in years.

So we’re talking about our kids (holy crap how do they get so big??? They’re supposed to stay little!!!) and how old they are now etc.

(note: I have a morbid, off-colour sense of humour.  It’s how I survive stressful, uncomfortable, painful situations)

So I say… “Yeah, if my husband hadn’t died on me, I’d kill him for leaving me with two boys to raise through the teen years”

She stops.  She stutters… “He didn’t survive?”

Ummmm… crap.  Not this again.  Sorry… no – he didn’t.

I go into details, explain when he died, find out she was the one who made the awesome cranberry bread… (zomg it was good) and she offers her condolences.   She hadn’t heard anything more and thought he had gotten better.

6 months after the fact, and I’m still telling people he passed.  I will not assume, however, that everyone knows… because they don’t.  And I don’t want to have that kind of conversation again… although I think it may have been worse for the poor cashier who had to listen to the conversation.

Now… time to deal with the grief of having to tell another person… and let it wash through me so I can enjoy the rest of my day.

6 months on Wednesday.   I can’t believe it’s been that long… *sigh*



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