Ephemeral-lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory.


Grief is such a confusing thing, it’s made up of a combination of emotions, some seeming to be completely contradictory. Each emotion is ephermeral is terms of its immediate staying power; but combined as a whole, grief is long lasting-the polar opposite of the ephemeral emotions that make it up…

Today is New Years Eve. The last day of 2012. I’m consciously considering the events that have occurred and wondering how long the grieving will continue?

A friend, lost her husband.

A friend, lost her own life.

I lost a friend.

No one loss is more or less significant in terms of the process of grieving. I don’t want to get into who is hurting more or less-though I hope those who have left this world are no longer tied down by the grief of those they have left behind.
No, I…

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