I am Blessed

I was blessed with an amazing man who loved me without reservation.

I was blessed with the ability to love that man with depths I didn’t realize I had.

I was blessed with 14 1/2 years of sharing our life together.

I was blessed with two beautiful boys who take after their dad in so many ways.

I was blessed with a *stolen* additional 5 1/2 months with him and the opportunity to say goodbye and allow him to die with dignity.

I was blessed with friends and family who stood with me, stayed with me, as I said my final goodbye’s.

I am blessed with good friends who won’t let me fall into despair.

I am blessed with a doctor who understands me, and works with me to get me back to mental health.

I am blessed with a circle of people who, while they don’t *understand* do understand enough to let me grieve the way I need to.

I am blessed with people who support me in a wide range of grief… from anger to acceptance and everything in between.

I am blessed with the clarity that even when things are at their worst – I know I can ride the wave and it will get better again.

I am blessed with the knowledge that while I may not WANT to, I CAN do this.

I am blessed to know that I, and my children, WILL be ok.

I am blessed.



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