It’s a Good Night

I’ve been having a lot of bad nights lately.  Adjusting to being alone has been… difficult at best.

Tonight has been a good night.

We did the boys’ bedtime routine.   I settled in for the night.   And my anxieties disappeared.

The kitchen is clean, the dishes are done, there is banana bread baking.

I’ve got a couple loads of laundry to fold, but I may leave those for tomorrow.

I didn’t exercise like I planned, but that’s ok because I feel like I’m ready to get up at a good time tomorrow and do yoga.

I still have time to exercise, if I want.

My house feels warm and cozy and full of love.

I saw Mark out of the corner of my eye a few minutes ago…

It’s a really really good night.   This is the first night I’ve had without anyone here, and without any alcohol, where I’ve been ok.

I miss him – but I’m not overwhelmed by it like I have been.   It’s not consuming me.

Moving on



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