Almost Done

Day 2 is almost done.  Almost through the 2nd day and I have not had a meltdown, not cried, not needed to escape.

I did, however have several minor panic attacks.

With the help of people on my widow’s website… I managed to push through. 

I can do this.  This is becoming my new normal.

It is, however, hard to adjust to an 8 hour day at work. 

As the weeks go on, if I’m able (and I don’t expect not to be able) I will add an extra day every two weeks until I’m back full time – the third week in February.    

I’m sad, I’m teary, my throat is clogged, but I’m excited for having made it through most of my work day.

4 days off and then back again on Tuesday.

But I’m almost done.  Almost there.  Brain is starting to remember what it’s supposed to do when I am here.

Happy Thursday, which is my Friday :p



One thought on “Almost Done

  1. Jenny C says:

    Love the procrastination picture! That is sooooooo my life! 😉

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