Trying to Meditate

Meditation is good for the soul, right?

Today’s the 2nd day back at work, and I want to start with a calm, peaceful state of mind… or at least something along those lines.

So I sit. Trying to meditate.  Which for me involves a few minutes of focused breathing.  In a past life, I could do this for about 10-15 minutes easily.

3 breaths.   That’s what I could do.   3 freaking breaths before I’d just about jump out of my skin.

Apparently meditation isn’t going to happen for me this morning.  I can barely sit still.  I’m jumping out of my skin.

I’ll try again after I have coffee.    Right now though, my nerves are all firing off and it feels like my skin is crawling.

I can do this, right?  I can step back into life, get back into work, relearn how to be a single parent?

I just wish it didn’t hurt sofa king much.

Death Leaves A heartache


One thought on “Trying to Meditate

  1. Hi I have suffered from panic attacks for many years there was a very good doctor who helped me deal with this. First cut our all caffeine if you can and also watch how much chocolate and sugar you consume because this can over stimulate your central nervous system making you a prime target for panic attacks. When a panic attack comes on try to stay as quiet as possible the more you move around the more adreniline you pump into your body which keeps the panic attacks going. If you can be stil it will pass more quickly. If the panic attacks are bad (panic attacks used to occur when I was sleeping and I would wake up feeling like a could not breath I would be dizzy with blurred vision.) lie down and don’t move try to stay calm distract yourself be trying to focus your mind on something I used to lie down and try to read. If I was to dizzy I would turn on the t.v. shut my eyes and try to listen to what was being said on the program. You probably know all this but I just wanted to reach out and try to help. Panic attacks just suck I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and i just wanted you to know your not alone in this. I will pray that the panic attacls will stop soon take care

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