Broken Hearted…

I was talking to someone today about my relationship, as it were, with George.  Why it works for me.

He’s not interested in getting married.

He’s not interested in living together.

He’s snuggly.

He’s cuddly.

He’s caring and affectionate and kind and polite and friendly and nice to my kids.

He’s a gentleman.

He’s incredibly sexy.

I really enjoy spending time with him.

His mind and thought processes fascinate me.

And he’s safe.

I trust that he’s telling the truth about what he wants…. and if it changes, he will tell me.

So  he’s safe.

I might end up loving him, but as long as those criteria are there… I’m safe from getting my heart broken.   I’m safe from losing someone I love. I’m safe, because the depth of my love for Mark and the sheer devastation of having lost him means that all I’m capable of giving is snuggles, affection, cuddles and companionship…

I’m not capable of forming that lifelong, forever, deep soul mate connection right now.

So as long as that’s all he wants… he’s perfect for me.  We’ll re-evaluate when or if anything changes.

But for now… I’m safe.

My heart is broken, but I’m safe.

Tear Composition


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