January 19, 2012

Freestyle skier Sarah Burke dies from the injuries sustained in a fall on January 10.

Apple announces digital textbooks for the iPad called iBooks 2..

Whistler/Blackcomb add 2 new lifts in an $18 million dollar expansion.

Mark Smith is taken to Squamish General hospital by ambulance with severe vomiting and stomach pains.

This would be the last time Mark was at his home.   The last memory his son had of him at home was daddy being taken away by the paramedics… he then spent time with Mama on the couch waiting to hear from the doctors.

Looking back over my phone – the last texts I sent him before he got sick were the day before.  We chattered about life, finances, how much we love each other…

You see, I was sick on the 19th – didn’t go to work and didn’t go to roller derby that night.   We lay on the couch snuggling – we had just gotten this huge sectional that allowed us each to lay stretched out on it with our heads meeting – we could face each other and kiss upside down.    I wasn’t feeling well so I lay snuggled up on the hide-a-bed side… when I woke from a snooze, he was in the bathroom vomiting, with an intense pain in his upper stomach area.   We called the nurses health line and went through the questions,… and called the ambulance.

I remember being my cheeky self with him… he had made this very yummy mixed berry crumble we’d had for dessert just before I fell asleep on the couch.   I said to him “Bet that doesn’t taste very good coming back up, now does it?”

Andrew and I sat up late that night waiting to hear of a diagnosis and possible prognosis.   I didn’t sleep very well – neither did he, I think.

In the grand scheme of the world at large, Mark Smith going into the hospital didn’t change or affect much.  But in our lives, Mark Smith going into the hospital changed our world.   Everything we knew changed at that moment.  Everything was turned upside down and our life was thrown into chaos.

One year ago… the anniversary of when my life was changed forever.

Death Leaves A heartache


One thought on “January 19, 2012

  1. Sending you hugs. It’s a slippery slope, the calendar of grief, difficult memories and dates… I can relate. For me things started to slide downhill in January, even though my husband died in May.

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