January 21, 2012

Mark had been in the hospital for 2 days at this point.  I had visited with him, but with what I was being told by doctors & nurses, he should be fine in a few days, just needed to let his pancreas settle down by being on IV nutrition and giving him pain meds.

I hadn’t been getting much in the way of communication with him.  He was not responding to texts, really.  That worried me a bit – but I figured he was just doing his best to get better.

I finally got a text from him… a 1/2 garbled message where he was asking me to come see him.

When I got there, the doc explained to us that pancreatitis either got better or it got worse.  In Mark’s case, it was getting worse and he needed to be sent to Lion’s Gate hospital ICU.   As soon as a transfer could be arranged, he’d be taken down there.

I called my daughter to bring the boys down to see him – Mark was resistant, but I think at the core of me I realized how serious things were getting, because I popped up with “If this is the last time they get to see you…”

He snapped at me a little over that.

But they came down, gave him hugs and kisses and we waited for transport.

The ride down to Lion’s Gate was stressful.  The motion of the ambulance caused him lots of back pain, and I was worried for him.

When we got there -we weren’t taken into the regular ER – we were taken into another area of ER that was for sicker patients.   The ICU doc was called in and explained the situation to us.

<this part is kinda gibbled up in my mind>

I know that initially the doc said his kidneys were ok, but then tests showed they weren’t.

I called various people.  I called my boss in tears… the only thing I could say to him was “I don’t know when I’ll be back at work, Mark’s in ICU and I don’t know what’s happening”

I called his sister.

I called his brother.

I called friends.

I called family.

I bawled my eyes out, scared, alone, terrified for what was happening.

Katie came down from Squamish to be with Mark and wait with me.

The doc wanted to transfer him to another ICU – that eventually was to be St. Paul’s Hospital.

It was Katie’s 20th birthday.  It was determined he would be intubated first, then transferred to St. Paul’s.

Katie & Adam and I decided to go have Happy Birthday dinner.  We went out for dinner and then headed back to the hospital.

There was a part of me that refused to acknowledge how serious this was or could be.   After all – we had had several rounds of hospital, CCU, St. Paul’s… we’re going to be fine, right?  In and out in week, just like always.

We got him settled in for the night at St. Paul’s.   Katie & Adam and I left – and I told him I’d be back in the morning.

The nurses assured me he’d be fine and that they’d call me if there were any problems.

This was the point where everything changed in our lives.   I have texts to my friend that say “It’s fine, it’s not fatal, he’ll be out of the hospital in a couple days” and I believed that.  The doctors believed that.  And then he got worse.

Tonight is Katie’s birthday.  Tonight I’m going to make it the best freaking birthday I can for her.   Last year sucked for her.

This year?  Things can only get better for all of us.

Happy Birthday Katie 🙂  I love you, and I know Daddy loves you too.



One thought on “January 21, 2012

  1. Jenny C says:

    big huge hugs!

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