Seven Months Tomorrow

Seven Months.

It’s been over a year since he went to the hospital.

My life has been thrown into the wringer, flipped upside down and twisted out of shape.

But I’m still here.

Tonight, I’m mostly at peace.  I am feeling mostly ok.  Almost forgot what the date was… but was reminded in a chat.

The world hasn’t ended.  I’m as in love with my husband as I ever was… I miss him so very much… but we’re going to be ok. I’m going to be ok.

Seven months… I was talking to my sister-in-law today about how much changes in a year… and the world will look very different to me in a year.

My world has changed in so many ways… and so have I.

I miss you Mark… more every day….

Christmas 2011


But slowly the cracks are healing…

Kintsugi Broken Heart


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