Another Goodbye….

For the first time since my husband got sick – so more than a year – my house is my own.

I have no adult children here.

I have no guests here.

I have no one here to take care of me.

I have no one to pick up the slack.

I have… me.  And my boys.

My oldest son moved out this morning.  Packed all of his stuff in my van & trailer, and drove away (the van and trailer are going to be brought back tomorrow)

My daughter and her boyfriend had moved out in November, the stray had moved out in December, and now… the last of my adult children has gone.

He left behind the usual mess.   There’s work for me to do in the spare room to make it habitable as a guest room again…  It will keep me busy – getting my house in order, getting my life into a routine that works for me.

But it was another goodbye.   He was a good roommate.  He was a pain in my ass sometimes, but overall, a good roommate.

This is the first time in over 15 years that I have lived alone.

It will be a new adventure…

My boys


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