Just One More Thing

To remind me how alone I am.

My kid moved out.   My daughter & her boyfriend moved out.

I have furniture that needs to be moved.  I can’t move it on my own.

I need a new couch.  I’ve been offered a free one, or may buy one, but I can’t get it in my house myself.

Suddenly all the stuff I wouldn’t think twice about doing is now an issue – no one is here to help me.

Fuck me.

I hate this.  I hate that he’s not here.  I hate that I am so dependent on other people now.


Mark in Fruitvale


One thought on “Just One More Thing

  1. Bonni Clark says:

    Sadly, I know the feeling of being dependent on others for help. It’s often just too much for me to even deal with. I hate it!! I now have to rely on others! I hate asking for help!!

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