Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m waiting for the day to rip me apart.

Not only is it the traditional day of lovers & couples, but it’s a very special anniversary for Mark & I.

So I’m waiting for the emotional devastation that *should* happen.


15 years ago today was the first time he told me he loved me.   It wasn’t planned.  It wasn’t contrived.  There was no fancy balloons, no flowers, no romance to it.

We were at work, in the back office, and he said he loved me.    We were both into movies at that time – so all I said to him was “Ditto”  (bonus points if you know what romantic movie that’s from)  It was two weeks after we’d first gotten together – but we’d known each other almost a year at that point… he was my friend.


He broke up with me the next day – but that’s another story – we got back together the day after :p


We always “celebrated” Valentines Day – not as *Valentines* but as the first day we acknowledged our true feelings.    I think back on those days and I’m in awe of who we were… how we forged on and got together and made such an amazing life together.  I’m in awe of how persistent our love was.


I love you Mark.  Forever and always.   You will forever live on – because you live on in my heart.




One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. best wishes to you today.

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