Something’s Changing.

I don’t know what it is.  I don’t know where the shift is happening.   I just know it is… I can feel it, almost as if I were a snake preparing to shed my skin.

I can feel my new self rubbing against the skin of my old self – it doesn’t quite fit right and the parts that don’t fit are rubbing raw and uncomfortable.

I can feel the old self starting to fall away, to be left behind.

She served me well.  She got me through some tough times.

But it’s time to let her go… she doesn’t quite fit in my new life…

Depend on Yourself


One thought on “Something’s Changing.

  1. roles says:

    this couldn’t have arrived at a better time…I am feeling the sorrow of shedding my skin….my kids want a old but new me….they don’t want the sad angry me….what mom are they going to get…it worries them………..I want a new me…but who is that…

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