I Dreamed About Him

I’m sick, at home, and I had a 2 1/2 hour nap on my couch (which by the way is incredibly uncomfortable and I need a new one asap!!!) and apparently had a dream about Mark.

It wasn’t a visitation…. there’s a different quality to those dreams.   This was just a manifestation of my husband in my dreams.

We bought a house in my dream.  It was monstrously huge.   The previous owners had left behind an enormous amount of stuff.

I’ve dreamed about this house before… but only in recent months since Mark died.

Oddly enough, in my dream, the guy I was dating was there too…

Weird dream.

But in the end, Mark and I were walking through the house, looking at the different rooms full of stuff, trying to determine which room would belong to which child.    I wanted to do a reno to create a cozier place for us, but we decided we wouldn’t.  (Reno is where the guy I was dating came in, he does construction and is my usual guy for construction related questions).

It was so pleasant and familiar being there with Mark, walking through our home, determining which room each kid got, determining which room we wanted.   The house was really massive – something like 7 or 8 bedrooms….

I woke up feeling peaceful… albeit sick and miserable, but peaceful.  Maybe it was a visitation – enough of one to allow me to gain some peace, anyhow…

But it was nice, spending time with him, even in my dreams…

I Miss You


2 thoughts on “I Dreamed About Him

  1. roles tds.net says:

    what are your visitation dreams like?

    • sunnyjane says:

      They feel more real, less like watching a movie. The dream I had was almost like watching a movie, where as there’s more emotion and more reality to the visitation dreams.

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