Kindred Spirits

I work in an office and one of my co-workers is wonderfully chatty, knows just about everyone under the sun and their stories.   I envy her ability to do this.  I have a hard time remembering what my children and close friends are up to… never mind people who come into my office.

Today she was chatting with a client and I heard snippets of the conversation.   The client is a new widow with children.

She left, and I had to reach out to her.  I know what it’s like to be loved and supported and surrounded by friends and family but feeling completely alone… no one gets it the way another widow does.   They think they do, but they don’t.   It doesn’t diminish the value those other people have to me… but having another widow to talk to who GETS it… who UNDERSTANDS what it’s like to suddenly go from being part of a partnership and a future together to now having to be a single parent and not knowing what the future holds… to lose half your soul… to have half your life ripped away from you… that’s something that is not easily understood by someone who hasn’t been there.

It was nice being able to reach out.  I gave her some websites ( & and my contact information.  She’s researched stuff for her kids – but not her so this will hopefully give her some comfort.

Today has been a hard day for me – I found some posts Mark had made on a forum and I could *HEAR* his voice in the writing… combined with the interaction with the widow… my emotions are overwhelming me today.  

Grey's Anatomy


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