Gratitude and Blessings

Today I’m going to focus on the good things in my life.   Yes, I miss him.  Yes, life is somewhat diminished without him.  But these are the things that make my life brighter and worth living.

1. My children.  All of them.  Even when they piss me off.  Even when they’re telling me horrible awful truths at the wrong time. Possibley especially then.
2. My friends.  My friends make my life so much nicer.
3. My job.  I have a great job, an amazing company and fantastic benefits.
4. My animals that love me regardless.
5. My health.  I am, despite my weight, healthy.
6. My family.  My family that drives me crazy, that I miss horribly, that I’m grateful to have in my life
7. His family. Who are really my family, but I wouldn’t have them in my life without having him
8. My boss.  My direct supervisor is awesomely understanding and amazing.  He has been a godsend during the past year.
9. My hobbies.  They give me something to focus on other than my housework.
10. My home.  I am blessed to live where I do.
11. My doctor.  He understands me, he gives me clarity, and he’s highly amused by me.

I have a lot of really awesome things going on in my life.  It will be nice when the awesomeness of my life is not overwhelmed by the loss.

For now… I’m just going to be grateful for the incredible blessings in my life.

Today and tomorrow


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