Mum’s Way – Book Review and Give-away.

I am surprised when I find out that people from around the world are reading my blog.   I’ve been engaged in email correspondence with a woman from Ireland, and a gentleman from the US, who’ve contacted me because of my blog.   They’ve gone through something similar and need to talk to someone who “gets it”

I keep being amazed that 107 people want to read about my struggles through widowhood.  I find myself shaking my head that these people read, they relate, and they find some comfort and understanding in my words and my feelings.

I suppose everyone has a story to be told – and everyone wants to be heard – I know I’ve started writing my story of 2012.  The book that has always been in my head now has more focus to come out.

I was recently contacted by a publisher in the UK about reading a book, doing a review and doing a give-away.

I’ve seen other bloggers do it – I thought “Hey cool!  I’ve made an impression in the blogging world!!”

I realized today that the intent is to have a Mother’s Day give-away – and I’d like the chance for as many people as possible to read the review and enter to win.

Mum’s Way is the story of childhood sweethearts.  It’s not very often that you meet someone, fall in love, stay in love (that’s the key!) and raise your children in the same town you grew up in.

I found my love later in life – I was 25 – but for Ian and Angie Milthorpe, they found each other at a very early age – they were both 14.   They were set up by friends of theirs, and from their first date – they were inseparable.

Ian and Angie came from similar backgrounds, had similar plans for the future and had similar goals.   Overall, they were a match designed to succeed – that “perfect couple” with the “perfect family” and the “perfect life.”

There was never any question about they life they wanted.   Angie wanted to be a Mum and raise her kids, and Ian was there to support that.   And that’s what they set out to do.

Life hit them in enormously painful ways.   Despite a diagnosis of terminal cancer at 48, Angie’s only focus was on ensuring that Ian would know all the little details, all the minutae of their children’s lives.   She did this with determined cheerfulness & a continued positive outlook on life.

This is an enormously heart-wrenching story of love, loss and the strength to carry on when the heart and glue of a family is suddenly gone.  Ian’s determination to carry on giving his children the life they knew, to keep things going when he wanted to fall apart, to keep the family together when everything has come unglued is inspiring.

Mum's Way

There are 3 ways to be entered to win a copy of Mum’s Way.

1. Comment on this post
2. Sign up to follow my blog.
3. Reblog this post on your blog.

For those followers who are already signed up, you’re automatically entered in the draw.

The winner will be drawn on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013.

This is a book that will stay in my collection.  Ian’s strength is inspiring.


4 thoughts on “Mum’s Way – Book Review and Give-away.

  1. Here’s my comment. What a great idea!

  2. Jill says:

    sounds like a beautiful, heartbreaking story.

  3. Read the blurb about the book. It sounds like a really good read!

  4. sunnyjane says:

    Reblogged this on Walking the Widow's Path and commented:

    Last chance for the give-away. I’ll be doing the draw at noon on May 12.

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