Interesting Search Terms

I’ve been blogging about being a widow now for almost a year.   Which means I’ve been a widow almost a year.

I find it interesting to see what people search for when they look for my blog online… (and then I wonder why they don’t just sign up to follow the blog, wouldn’t it be easier??? There’s a button over there <<<<<< )

Today’s search term that caught me off guard was:

Mark Smith June 26


I’ve seen:

sunny jane blog

sunnyjane widow blog

walking the widows path

and other variations that would point directly at me… but never before… Mark Smith June 26

Someone searching knows his name, and exactly when he died.

Which makes me wonder again… why aren’t they following?   If they can search it that precisely… they must be interested in the topic.

The writer part of me of course wants more audience… the widow part of me doesn’t care – this blog is for me.

But no matter what, I hope that this blog reaches other people and helps them to understand….

You are not alone.   There are people who understand what you’re going through.   We love you and are here for you.



One thought on “Interesting Search Terms

  1. InstantWidow says:

    In a similar oddity … once I visited the guestbook for my husband’s fuuneral on the funeral home website. There were the usual messages of condolances and one WEIRD entry that said, “Every second saved is worth minutes earned and this has saved hours.” There was no name on it but I did find the email addy from where it came … some woman in the Chicago area. I sent the email an inquiry with a screen shot of the Guestbook entry and asked what it was about. As I suspected, I got no response. Who knows what is going on in people’s minds and who knows what unknown connections may be out there. I decided it was not worth the trouble to know, as I prefer to rely on what is before me and not make myself crazy about weird stuff like that. But I understand what you mean … WTF? … some things just don’t make sense. *hugs for you sweetie*

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