You’ll Be 50 Before I’m 40…

He was 11 years older than me.

I made a LOT of jokes about his age…

“You’ll be 50 before I’m 40…”

“We’ll be married for the rest of your life…”

“The who???” (whenever he was talking about a band popular in the 70’s/80’s…)

From now on… I will always, always be cognizant of my words.   They create my reality.

In 3 days, it will be his 50th birthday.

He died a month after his 49th.

We were married for the rest of his life.

I will still make jokes about bands I wasn’t old enough to remember when they came out…

In 3 days, I will bake a cake.

In 3 days, ,I will celebrate what should have been his 50th birthday.

My old man who never got the chance to get old… he will live forever in our hearts and memories…

Mark in Fruitvale Christmas 2011 SCAN0072 Pictures 073 January 2010 036

Over the Hill Candle


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