Best Birthday Reaction EVER

Today is my son’s 13th birthday.   He was born 9 months and 3 days after my wedding to his Dad.   So if ever I started wondering how long we were married for, I’d just think about how old my Andrew is and know. 

Back when Mark died, I had keepsake jewellry made for me, Andrew, and Katie.  Luke got a keepsake urn, and Kyle got a ring. 

I had them sealed so that they wouldn’t start “leaking” bits of Mark all over the place. 

Someone else told Andrew he had to take it off when he went in water to prevent it from coming undone. 

One day, when Andrew went swimming… late August… he took his off at the pool. 

When he got out of the pool, it was gone. 

Somewhere, in Squamish, someone is wandering around with a fish necklace and my husband’s ashes. 

For his 13th birthday, I got him another one… when he woke up this morning, there was a present beside his head on  his bed.  (hey I rhyme!!)

The card was “Happy Birthday Andrew – Love, Daddy”

So he opened the present… it was wrapped really well, packaged in a bigger box, and in it’s own case. 

He got to the case, opened it just slightly…. dropped it and hugged me and said in a quiet, slightly choked up voice… “Thank you Mom”

Best birthday reaction ever. 

I know that the loss of the fish had been bothering him.   I know that it compounded his grief.  And now he has a piece of his Dad with him again. 

Happy 13th Birthday, Andrew… 

Andrew Birthday


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