The Keeper of Memories

My memory is shot.

This isn’t a new phenomenon.  I’ve experienced it for a long time.  I won’t recall recent events.   I don’t recall details, I don’t recall times or who or… most of it.

If I see a picture, I’ll think “Hey! I remember that… but… I don’t remember the details! ”

And then I’d invariably go ask Mark.. “Hey where was this? Who was this? How old were the kids?”

He’d have the answer.  Every time.  Especially if I showed him a picture.


Now he’s not here.  And I don’t have things scrap booked or organized or anything.

I have a big bin of pictures.

This summer – I’m going to try to put my memories into a cohesive order – chronologically as possible.

Usually a picture will trigger a memory… I won’t remember everything… but I’m hoping to remember enough.

Because now – I have no one to remind me who, when, what or where.

Because he was the keeper of memories.

And now he’s gone.



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