There’s a word for how I feel.

I didn’t know.


[lak-ruh-mohs] adjective

1.suggestive of or tending to cause tears; mournful.
2.given to shedding tears readily; tearful.

I don’t do a *lot* of crying, or a *lot* of weeping, but I do feel tearful and mournful a lot of the time.

Its usually just sitting below the surface, waiting for something to break the bubble and the tears will flow.

I had a hard time explaining it to people – how I was feeling.  Now… there’s a word.



One thought on “Lachrymose

  1. Sierra says:

    I understand this very well. I have had a lot of trauma happen in my life, that I don’t cry very often, more times than not, I just shove the emotion down because I am afraid if my real emotions come out, it will be ugly. I hope you are able to find a way to release your emotions, in a safe and confident way. xo

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