All Good Things…

I’m going to post this a few times on Facebook at various times over the next few days, so if you see it several times – it’s on purpose.

As of June 26, I will no longer be posting my widow blog to Facebook.    There will be one more post about the last year, but I’d like to leave my Facebook to the promise of the future,  and the beauty of the present.

I will, however, still be blogging, so I encourage you – if you’d like to continue reading my blog – to follow me either through email, or through your WordPress reader.   I will continue to post through my twitter account as well – but since I only have 9 twitter followers…

I will continue to blog.  I will continue to share my journey through grief and widdowhood and healing.  I am simply choosing to publicly focus on my fitness, my health, and my family.   My blog Walking a Different Path is where you’ll find that.

Life is changing for the better.  I feel stronger, I feel more positive, and I can see a bright future for us as we walk the paths before us.

Thank you, all my Facebook friends and family, for all the love and support you’ve given me and my kids over the past year.  The outpouring of love and support from people I’m close to, people I know, people in the peripherals of my life and people I’ve never met before has shown me how truly amazing the world is.

Come walk with me as I continue down this path….

New Beginnings

(PS: The link to follow me via email is right over there

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