Breaking Through

I was handed an arrow.  An honest to gawd, wooden arrow with a metal tip and a notch in the end to connect it with the bow.

I was told to place the metal tip against the softest part of your throat, place the other end against the wall, and walk forward.

I did… and I took a step forward.

The arrow shattered.

If there’s nothing else I’ve taken from this weekend at Camp Widow West 2013 – it’s that moment after the arrow broke and I realized I could do anything.

We had spent time meditating, visualizing, and finally, we broke an arrow. Courage

Knowing that I can change anything… knowing that the pain will be temporary… making that shift from the pain to focussing on what I want… That was priceless.

And to think, I almost ditched that workshop in favour of the pool.

The workshop was so worth it.  I cried… in ways that were not so much debilitating grief, but more a release of the emotions and allowing the joy and the love to bubble up from the depths of where they were hiding.

In making that shift… I was able to see that there’s nothing I can’t do.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Through

  1. Alison Dean says:

    Jane, that’s wonderful. Reading your post brings tears of joy and I’m glad that you can find some release. Everything ebbs and flows and sometimes all you can do is be there for the ride.

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