Are You Sure?

This question has been asked of me a lot lately.

Are you sure?  Are you sure you’re ready to move?  Are you sure this is the right time? Are you sure this is the right guy?  Are you sure?

There’s a joke my kids like to play on people…

“Are you sure?”


“Are you positive?”


“Only fools are positive”

How can anyone be sure about anything?  Completely, 100% sure?  There’s always options; there’s always alternatives; there’s always another path to wander down.

For me, anyhow.  I know people who are single-minded and know exactly what they want.   For me, there’s always the “This looks good, but so does that and that and that” problem.  And I solve it by looking at what looks the *best*

In this instance… the options are to take a chance on love… on a new start… on a new town….

Or to stay where I am. 

Nothing is ever so set in stone that I can’t change my mind.  If (big if because I believe in us and the relationship) if it doesn’t work out… I can do something different.

So am I sure?  I am as sure as I can be that this is the next best thing for me.  That the love and the committment between us is something worth taking a chance on.

Yes, I’m sure.

It's Going to be Ok Someday


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